Let Me Help You Overshoot Your Goals in the Right Ways.

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What I Do

I Coach.

I am a positive youth development and leadership coach. I can help you be a better storyteller, organize people towards your idea and help provide structure for the work that you are passionate about.

I Speak.

Need someone to help catalyse your team towards action using storytelling? I have five years’ experience working with the private and social sector as well as providing advisory for government focusing on education and jobs.

I Write.

I write about social entrepreneurship, youth activism, sustainability, education and decent work. I love to share personal experience of growth as well as encouraging you to live your best life.

Need Advice?

Need help with setting or achieving your life goals, improving your storytelling or getting your big idea running?

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My Courses

My biggest desire is to support the growth of individuals and organizations to achieve their biggest impact driven goals.


“ Joshua understands the urgency that we need to create a sustainable society. I enjoy learning from him. He offers real life tips in goal setting and impact work. ”

Jubrin Adamu

My Story

I am the last child of a family of seven born in Bolade-Oshodi, a suburb of Lagos. I began my primary education at the age of 8 and I had to pay myself through the university.

I grew up through poverty to design the kind of life I want with the privilege that having an education brings.