Happy work anniversary to me!

On Monday the fourth of April 2017,  I began my first day at Bukka Hut. I couldn’t wait to start as I have always dreamed of moving from the nonprofit sector to the profit sector but I never imagined myself working in the hospitality industry. I was ready but I wasn’t sure I had made the right decision by joining the organization.


Coming from a nonprofit organisation where I had worked for two years after my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme did not help. Yes, I have had the privilege of working with organizations like Microsoft Nigeria, SAP West Africa, and many other for profit organizations in Nigeria on their corporate social responsibility. This is the first time I will be working in an environment where the results will be down to the numbers at the end of every month. I really did not have any expectation. My over four years’ experience in the nonprofit has prepared me to work in a team, collaborate, take responsibility, be inquisitive, multitasking and be ready to go the extra mile. One of my friends actually warned me to be careful of the pressure cooker environment but no one told me there will times when I will be frustrated because I have invested time and effort into developing an idea that won’t fly. Now I know it is a normal corporate grind but I have the enthusiasm and the willingness to learn and create change.


It is a year today and I am surprised. 365 days flew so fast. I guess I am having fun and I am looking forward to being given more responsibilities that will make my organization better over the next 365 days! My organization doesn’t really have a clearly defined work culture and it is some thing I am hoping I will be able to help to make happen. But it is exciting to work here, everyone I interact with carry out their tasks with devotion and it is always refreshing to speak with colleagues who are always eager to support.


I go to work happy and sometimes I catch myself working longer hours and it is exciting. Sometimes I stay up at night thinking of possible ideas and collaborations to help boost our brand. A friend of mine once joked that I was using a lot of my experience in the non profit world for a profit business and probably that is why I am having so much fun. Everyone in this organization looks happy to be here, from the frontliners to the MD.


Bukka Hut doesn’t  just provide the best of service to it’s customers; it also genuinely cares about its employees. I have been given incredible opportunities to grow my career, and to meet my personal goals. It is always exciting going to work because you know there will always be colleagues and friends who want to hear you and support you. I see myself as a Bukka Hut ambassador and I am always looking for an opportunity to talk about the organization every where I find myself.


It’s been a fantastic journey for me so far – and I know that the best is yet to come.

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