Adios Bukka Hut

In January 2017, I had an amazing interview cum meeting with Rasheed and Kofo, the former being the Managing Director and the later the Head of Human Resource about working with Bukkha Hospitality Limited as a Brand Marketing Manager. This meeting began an amazing journey of learning and development for me. Working particularly with Rasheed whom I profiled here has improved my attention to detail and my world view especially in regards to man and time management.

My desire has always been to work in a fast pace for profit business while still maintaining my nonprofit cum social enterprise approach to solving developmental issues. As a young person with an undergraduate in Molecular Biology and Genetics with interest in policy and international development, working with Bukka Hospitality Limited afforded me with the opportunity to develop my career and also serve humanity with passion. It has built my empathy and ability to solve problems while reminding me that the most important things that people need is a listening ear and a heart that truly cares.

I have worked with great people who have contributed awesome to my development. Sometimes we have had it rosy and often times we had to exchange words because of the hit of the moment. At the end of everything we have learned to also forget our disagreement when we settle down for lunch. Working in a company like Bukka Hut can be really demanding but as the day ends, we go home an plan to continue tomorrow because we know that there are people we want to serve with excellence.

Bukkha Hospitality Limited exposed me to a lot of things about life and choices and I think this 17 months have been a learning curve for the next cycle of my life. I have made friends here and it feels like a family. The only thing constant in life is change and as humans we must keep seeking our true north whilst looking for opportunities to contribute to humanity.

I will not forget my experiences here in a hurry. I feel connected to every one here and I hope that the company continues to grow and expand. It is always refreshing to know that there is place where young people can gain needed skills for life and have money to be able to clothe and feed while being able to chase their dreams. Nigerian is a very difficult place to be a young person because of the high unemployment rate and every time I know that Bukka Hut is opening a new outlet as we will be this Sunday and on Tuesday, it makes me glad. It means that another youth will have a job and we are contributing to ending the cycle of poverty.

Thank you for the times, the memories and the support. I have achieved my goals of working in a for profit organization and learning real street smart skills. These are skills that will be vital for my next line of work.

Thank you to everyone I have worked with. I have enjoyed the ride and it is time to alight. I will always be cheering on the side and will forever be a Bukka fam.

Let’s continue to push and not settle.

Love and Light,


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